Christina & David

Choosing Mood effects as our wedding planning service was the best decision we ever made. From the very start, our planner Katerina made us feel so reassured about planning our wedding abroad in Mykonos and took all the pressures of organising a wedding out of our hands. Katerina listened to every detail we described and even at the decision stages came up with recommendations and ideas matching exactly what we had asked for and what we had in mind. Katerina responded to all are emails and queries as quickly as possible and made the line of communication between us (in England) and her (in Greece) so easy! Katerina was more than flexible, helpful and we enjoyed speaking to her regularly regarding our wedding plans. Katerina is an amazing lady and had a great way of calming me down when i started to stress over anything unnecessarily. Me and my husband had never been to mykonos before, so everything we were imagining was in Katerinas hands and we couldn't have dreamed of such a perfect wedding.

From when we first arrived in Mykonos, katerina picked us up from the airport to greet us and take us to our hotel. We were made to feel so relaxed and welcome and this added to the excitement of our wedding. Katerina was unbelievably organised and had pre arranged appointments / meetings for us to meet our priest, DJ, photographers etc. The location of our wedding, the setting and the day was exactly as we had hoped and as Katerina had described. The scenery, decorations and details were beautiful. Our special day ran smoothly with katerina co-co-ordinating the day and organising everything from start to finish. We could not recommend mood effects enough and literally could not have organised such an amazing special day without Katerina. Thank you so much Katerina for giving us the wedding of our dreams!

Melina & Sasha

Having Mood Effects organise our wedding on Corfu was definitely the right decision! Katerina is very professional, has a lot of experience and many great concepts and is very much capable of responding to indiviudal wishes! She saw for every one of our ideas to be implemented to our fullest satisfaction. Even when we did not know, if and how we wanted something to be, she helped us find out what was important to us, whithout imposing her personal taste upon us, but by giving everything our personal touch. Nevertheless, her personal taste is elegant and classy, which fitted so right to us and which showed with every decorative that she projected to be impemented. Katerina helped us with everything and thus managed to keep every potential stress that might occure when organising a wedding from abroad (we live in Germany) away from us and to allow us to focus on our special event. Even at the wedding day itself, we were able to fully concentrate on ourselves and our guest and to feeling each moment, knowing that for everything else Katerina and her team was perfectly taking care of. She contributed very much to making this one of the most beautiful days in our lives. We are very grateful for that and highly recommend her without any reservation.

Kara & Anthony

If you are thinking of getting married in Mykonos, Katerina will make that dream come true!! She went above and beyond for Anthony and I to create our dream wedding. We had events planned before and after our wedding which were all fabulous. Katerina spent a lot of time getting to know us as a couple and we instantly felt at ease, she is trustworthy, professional, honest, and became a great friend. Katerina was at all the events with her team to make sure everything ran smoothly. We really can't thank her enough and would highly recommend her. Our wedding was more than perfect and that's down to Katerina at Mood Effects.

Katerina & Tommy

We cannot thank Katerina and Evi from Mood Effects enough for their amazing job!

Once Tommy and I got engaged we knew we wanted to have a wedding in Mykonos, Greece. We sought after a wedding planner for a couple of weeks but once we spoke to Katerina we knew instantly that we wanted to work with her and her team. The summer prior to our wedding she went ABOVE AND BEYOND showing us the island and all of the various vendors. Once we came back home we had Skype dates every weekend to discuss the planning of the wedding.

The week prior to the wedding Katerina and Evi planned everything! From airport pick ups, bus transfers, dinners, beach days, EVERYTHING!

The day of the wedding everything went beautifully! We received so many compliments on our wedding and it was all because Katerina and Evi put everything together so perfectly. I couldn't have asked for better team! I would definitely recommend them to anyone in need of a wedding planner, and if I had to rate them from 1 to 10...it would be a 20! Whenever we needed something or had a question, they were always so responsive and quick! They understood our vision and it turned out beautifully! Thank you so much again and I would highly recommend Mood Effects to any engaged couple!

Lence & George

The BEST decision we ever made was to contact Katerina and have her as our wedding planner.

Katerina is a professional and is very very good at what she does! Her expertise is invaluable. Tell her what you want and she will not fail to deliver - but listen to her also. Her knowledge and experience is second to none. She is honest and much more realistic than anything you will read on a wedding blog or in a glossy magazine. Ask for her opinion so that you know your requests are realistic, suitable to the location and will fit in with your theme. Don't have unrealistic expectations and you won't be disappointed.

We communicated via email and skype (we live in Australia) many months prior to our wedding and even this interaction was enjoyable. My husband and I would always look forward to our skype calls with Katerina.

Leading up to the wedding, Katerina provided us with specific timeframes for everything, from sorting out our legal paperwork to organising the music for the DJ. We couldn't go wrong with Katerina by our side. She helped us with organising our Hens & Bucks and all the things in between.

When we eventually travelled to Greece, Katerina met us with a huge smile on her face several days before our wedding and was with us when we met the various vendors. Everything was organised to a tee and we didn't have to worry about a thing!

Our wedding day ran like clockwork because we had Katerina!! We were so relaxed and thought of nothing but having a great time and enjoying our special day. Katerina was in the background making sure everything and everyone was ok!

We couldn't have done anything without her and we feel blessed to now call her our friend!

We can't speak highly enough of the wonderful Katerina and thank her wholeheartedly for organising what was the best day of our lives!

Aura & Erwann

Hi everyone,

If you are looking for a wedding planner, Mood Effects will feel like you have caught the little goldfish. It will fulfill you not only 3 wishes, but every wish you have; even the ones that seems impossible...

Katerina is this fairy tell person who appears from nowhere and all of a sudden you have no worries, you feel like everything is taken care of. She understands you like nobody, because she is passionate, experienced and patient.

She is capable of providing the best services and she is very adaptable for all types of needs. Full of energy and always smiling, this bubble of joy will make sure you are living your own fairy tale.

Thank you so much Katerina!

Tijana & Sergey

We had our wedding organised at Mykonos by Mood effects and it was absolutely perfect. We had only less than 3 months to plan and we were rather busy with other things so we completely relied on Katerina. Since we wanted the ceremony in Orthodox church and we are from different countries it was rather complicated to prepare all the papers, but Katerina managed to do it in a very short time. Since my husband is Russian, Katerina even found a Russian-speaking priest and brought him to Mykonos to perform the ceremony, so that we could understand everything. She did a great job planning the dinner before the wedding and one after the wedding too. We didn't have time to pay much attention to details, but Katerina's taste was flawless. All in all, we are really happy that we chose Mood effects for our wedding and we were lucky to find them, for it was a great experience. Everything was just the way we imagined and we were very relaxed the whole time and could just enjoy the ceremony and time with our friends and relatives. Katerina is very pleasant person, easy-going and very professional.

Angela & Jason

Katerina Vogli is an AMAZING wedding planner & also such a wonderful person!! She goes above & beyond for her brides! I could not have had such a magical wedding without Katerina. We live in the US, so planning a wedding on Paros island seemed almost impossible..then I found Katerina & knew that we were a perfect fit! You can tell that Katerina is passionate about what she does and this is not just a job for her. Her recommendations for the DJ & bartenders were outstanding. The guests were raving about the unique and delicious concoctions that the bartenders were making & the DJ had us dancing ALL night long!! The decorations & flowers were gorgeous..she truly did an outstanding job with all the details! She also helped with all the weekend activities including a beach party the day before. Thank you so much Katerina for making it the best day of our lives-you are truly so talented at what you do!!!

Nora & Richard

Katerina was amazing!

She made our wedding day so wonderful and relaxed!

We firstly came in contact with Katerina in September around a year before the wedding and we opted for the full service.

Katerina put up with me a typical “my way or the highway” bride and delivered my vision of the day! When I walked in the reception venue the first thing I thought was: WOW followed by: best money I’ve ever spend!

I would highly recommend Mood Effects as Katerina is not only organised and professional but really friendly and easy to get along with!

Jelena & Yiram

Twelve months ago my husband proposed to me. I always knew that if I got married, I would love a wedding on Mykonos, the island where I spent many summers during my youth and place I seem to fall in love with again and again every time I visit. Eleven months ago I sat in my living room in New York City trying to figure out how on earth I was going to pull this off – despite my military organizational skills, Skype only goes so far. And then I got the best present I could ever have hoped for – Katerina Vogli.

Katerina came into my life, and all of a sudden, it was as if I had a little magic fairy. I agree with the other reviews here that the best money spent was to hire her as our wedding planner. From day one, Katerina was a joy to work with – fun, energetic, full of great ideas, efficient, professional, detail-oriented, organized and generally on top of everything the entire time. She made it look so effortless as she worked incredibly hard to find us the perfect florist, DJ, cake caterer, wine, and of course finalise the details of the day. She was in charge of decoration and when I look at our wedding photos I sometimes think I dreamt the whole event, as it is impossibly beautiful. Photoshop stand back, Katerina is in charge! She has fantastic taste and when I saw the result of her work on the wedding day, I knew I would hold that image in my memory for the rest of my life.

Now, most wedding planners will do what they are hired to do, however Katerina went far above and beyond her duties. She helped so many friends with flights, ferry tickets, hotels, hair appointments; she looked after my and my husband’s family like they were her own; most importantly she looked after my husband and I better than our own mum’s did! I had the misfortune to get ill the week before my wedding and Katerina ran around Mykonos to find a doctor, to get me medicines and most importantly, she was there every day to tell me that I will get better and everything will be perfect, just as we planned it. And of course she was right.

Everything on our actual wedding day, and days leading up to it, went very smoothly. We were fortunate to have incredibly kind and passionate people take care of us, and yet again I have to give credit to Katerina. Her choice of all vendors was impeccable and everyone she works with is as professional as she is. I am not sure how they all do it, but while the service was fantastic, you never actually saw much of anyone – I am telling you, fairy type work.

Most importantly however, I picked up the phone eleven months ago to find a wedding planner, and walked away a few weeks ago having found a friend. Katerina, we will be eternally grateful for the gift that was YOU and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making every dream of ours come true. I am desperately trying to think of what other events I can organize in Greece just so I can hire you again!

Christianna & Kostas

If you want perfection on your wedding day, Katerina is your girl!

She was our planner for our August 2011 wedding. My fiance talked me into looking for a planner so we didn’t have to any work on the day of our wedding. And oh my god! Was it a great decision!
She was thorough, professional and timely with her responses to questions and concerns (we live at the opposite side of Greece from Athens). She has amazing connections. I can tell her hard work is truly respected by her peers in the industry.
From day one she was by our side! Countless hours in search of the perfect suit and the perfect wedding dress! She even took care of the family and friends dresses, mailing them back and forth to opposite sides of the country! The flowers that I just had to have, were impossible to find during the hot Greek summer! Katerina worked her magic and took care of it all!
The wedding was wonderful. Even when I was a little nervous before the ceremony, she told me to take it all in and truly appreciate what was happening.
Katerina and her team did such an amazing job on the day so that I didn’t have a thing to worry about. Everything ran smoothly and there were no mishaps. Finding a planner who is just as detail-oriented as me and someone who could manage all my expectations with ease was a huge concern for me. She did it all! All in all, the event ran in a very relaxed atmosphere and she added some lovely touches, and little surprises that were completely unexpected but much-much appreciated!!! Her value for money is also amazing – she is one hard working woman!

I highly recommend using Katerina as your planner!
We’ve made a new friend! Thank you so much for making this the most special day in our lives!
A day to remember!

Dana & Dimosthenis

The best money that we spent on our wedding was on hiring Katerina Vogli from Mood Effects as our wedding planner. We were living in Athens Greece, my husband is Greek and I am American. I was a bit nervous, because I had a very clear idea of how I wanted our wedding to be, from the flowers, to the music, to the general atmosphere and tone. I had been to several Greek weddings, and I knew that they were quite different from most American weddings.

Katerina was incredibly patient and sweet and made all of my wishes come true. Her wonderful florist gave me a beautiful flowing orchid bouquet, table tops covered with multiple types of orchids, and freesia, and honestly orchids, everywhere!! The firework company that Katerina hired for us is the best in Greece, they did the Olympics in 2004. People were surprised how long and professional the fireworks were.

Katerina honestly took such good care of us. We had weekly meetings with her & she became a good friend in the process. So many people have told me that wedding planning is such a stressful experience, but planning our wedding with Katerina was honestly so much fun.

Our wedding was on Mykonos Island and was a truly international affair, we had Americans, Canadians, Italians and of course Greeks. I was a little worried that everyone would enjoy themselves, but it was such an incredible success. Katerina’s DJ was wonderful, he played every song I requested of him, and at the time I requested it. We had lounge music during the sunset cocktail hour, motown & some Italian music during dinner, and a mix of international, American dance music & Greek music during the party.

It was the best day, actually weekend of my life, and I know that I probably would never have been able to pull this off myself. Even more importantly I didn’t have to worry about a thing the weekend of the wedding, because Katerina was handling everything, my husband and I were able to enjoy Mykonos with our friends and family, and that is how a wedding should be. If you are an American, or non Greek getting married in Greece, I highly recommend that you hire Katerina Vogli as your wedding planner, she will take wonderful care of you and make your wedding day just as perfect as you’d hoped it would be, and even better!