MOOD EFFECTS is a boutique agency for destination weddings in Greece.  Our wedding planners works closely with our clients to create bespoke experiences for their weddings and unique events in Greece. It is very important for us to speak with our couples to describe their dream wedding.  Also, it is very important to understand what they expect from their wedding.  We listen carefully their needs and desires and based on our experience and knowledge in the field of planning and organizing a wedding we create a proposal with different suggestions for the perfect location and the setting of their wedding in Greece.  There are many factor that we need to take under consideration, such as the number of guests and feeling of the wedding our couple’s want to create and then we present them a variety of options based on what they like. 

The details are very important for us.  That is why we are there in every step of the way up until the end of the final event.  Starting with the location, the venue and all the menu details we continue with the concept and every detail of the decoration and the entertainment.  For an event of more than a day we are there taking care not only the couple and their families but also of each and every guest.  From the beginning of the planning we are a part of their accommodation and transportation at the wedding location since we are making proposals that will help them feel comfortable and relaxed upon their arrival. 

Working in wedding planning sector for many years we have a network of vendors and service providers that ensure that the event is executed flawlessly.

In MOOD EFFECTS, we provide personalized, tailored services that meet the unique needs of each and every client. We want to ensure that every event we plan is a true reflection of our clients' vision, and that every detail is executed to perfection.

Why select Greece for your destination wedding?

Choosing Greece for your destination wedding is not only to celebrate one of the most important moments in your life, you also getting into the rich tapestry of history, culture, and breathtaking landscapes. From the mainland to the numerous islands scattered in the Aegean and Ionian Seas, Greece offers a diverse array of settings for your special day.

Many couples might wonder why to select Greece for their destination wedding.  What is the difference from other locations?  We believe that this has to do with the personality of the bride and groom to be and how they dream their wedding.  A destination wedding is an experience and gives the opportunity not only to the couple but also to their families and their guests to plan a small trip to Greece for vacations.  The couples love the idea that they are the beginning of a lovely trip of a destination that their guests have never been or they dream to go back.  Greece has many beautiful locations for a wedding either it is at the mainland or on the islands. 

Having a wedding planner by your site during this journey might be the best idea.  Having a wedding planner from Greece might be an even better idea.  Why you might ask?  To start planning your wedding in Greece with a wedding planner will make this experience very easy and will keep you organized.  As your wedding planners in Greece, we will guide you through the planning steps with the right order so you won’t get lost and lose time.  The communication with the vendors and the suppliers will be done through us so it will so easy for you when you talk with one person instead of many different. 

Greece’s beautiful locations will a unique canvas for your destination wedding in Greece.  From the mainland to the numerous islands Greece gives you a magnificent backdrop either you plan a micro wedding, an elopement, a grand celebration or a luxury wedding.  There is a variety of villas, historic landmarks, high-end hotels and alternative venues unique path locations and so many other choices that are as varied as your imagination.

Another advantage of choosing Greece for your wedding is the extended summer season. From April to almost the end of October, the weather is mostly sunny and warm and you have the opportunity to enjoy the Mediterranean sun. This and only this is offering flexibility in planning your dream wedding in Greece.  Imagine exchanging vows on a golden beach, under a clear blue sky, with the gentle Mediterranean breeze as your witness.

Greece is not only just a destination for your wedding.  It is the perfect place to create memories by having as a backdrop an amazing beauty that combines history, culture, and the beauty of the blue skies and the Mediterranean Sea.     


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