Irene & Tommy - An elegant wedding at the Athenian Riviera

While Irene and Tommy reside in New York, Irene's Greek heritage and their shared love for Greece made the decision to have their wedding in this picturesque country an easy one. In the initial stages, we presented various locations and venues across, but the allure of the stunning coastline of the Athenian Riviera spoke directly to their hearts. The venue was graced with breathtaking vistas of the sea and housed a small, picturesque white chapel beneath an enchanting garden space.

Family and friends flew in from different countries, infusing each event with warm and cheerful spirits.

The festivities commenced with a boat cruise on the first day, spanning until sunset. The group reveled in a day of sailing, swimming, and dancing, making the most of the beautiful beaches of Attica.

The pre-wedding day cocktail took place at the spectacular Yacht Marina, a cozy venue offering a breathtaking view. As the night descended, the celebratory mood soared, hinting at the upcoming day's festivities.

And the most important day arrived. The wedding day! The weather played its part perfectly, with one of the most glorious summer days - sunny, warm, and complemented by a gentle breeze. As the wedding party took their positions, emotions reverberated throughout the venue. With the aisle walk beginning, Tommy and his parents paved the way, followed by the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Irene, accompanied by her father, gracefully strolled amidst the guests, culminating in a poignant and emotional moment when she approached Tommy and the wedding party, with the ceremony commencing to a melodic tune.

The dinner venue featured a striking arrangement of long and round tables adorned with twinkling string lights and

dreamy fairy lights above the lush greenery was waiting of the guests and the couple.

The color scheme was anchored in soft peach, light pink, and toffee, embellished with hints of white and green. A harmonious medley of roses, hydrangeas, spray roses, and other complementary flowers bedecked the venue, creating a breathtaking decor. Delicately placed candle holders and smaller candles on each table complemented the centerpieces.

Elegant light pink chargers, accented with gold details, harmonized with the crystal glasses, completing the exquisite table setting.

The entrance of Irene and Tommy was a delightful surprise, as they made their way through a secret passage amidst fountains that led them to the dance floor. Their families and the bridal party awaited their arrival, setting the stage for a lively start to the party, orchestrated by a DJ and a talented saxophone player. With a band change and tunes shifting, the revelry continued until the early hours of the day.