Diana & Peri - Athens

Diana & Peri's love story unfolded against the breathtaking backdrop of the Athenian Riviera, a tale of two hearts joining in a celebration that spanned cultures and continents. As the sun painted the sky with shades of gold, the festivities began with a pre-wedding cocktail party the day before the wedding at the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel. Laughter and joy danced on the sea breeze, setting the tone for the enchanting journey that awaited.

The magnificent venue at the Athenian Rivera stood as a witness to their vows—a place where dreams whispered on the gentle waves and love's promises echoed through the salty air. Their wedding ceremony was a harmonious blend of Greek and Jewish traditions, a testament to unity in diversity. With friends and family converging from all corners of the world, the couple's celebration was a tapestry woven from the threads of shared love and cherished connections.

The romantic decor, with blush pink and white flowers adorning every corner of the reception venue.  A served menu unfolded, a symphony of flavors carefully curated to delight every palate present. Amidst the joyous laughter and heartfelt toasts, the cutting of the cake was nothing short of magical. Fireworks lit up the night sky, painting it with bursts of brilliance as love's spark ignited the darkness.

The rhythm of celebration escalated as the night embraced its depths. A live band from the UK took the stage, their music weaving through the hearts of everyone present. Each note carried with it a piece of the couple's story, a melody of love that resonated in the souls of those who danced beneath the starlit sky. And amidst the melodies, a saxophone player added his soulful notes, creating a symphony that united hearts and spirits.

We enjoyed so much been the wedding planners of Diana & Peri's wedding.  It was more than a celebration—it was a testament to the power of love to bridge cultures, to bring people together, and to create memories that would last a lifetime. As the waves whispered secrets to the shore and the stars bore witness, their union became a part of the fabric of the Athenian Riviera—a love story etched into the very essence of the land and sea.

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Cinematographer: www.ankofilms.com