Natalie & Jordan

Natalie and Jordan's wedding was a testament to the beauty of intimacy, a gathering of their nearest and dearest who held a special place in their hearts. Set against the beautiful backdrop of Mykonos Island, a charming villa served as their haven for this momentous occasion. It was more than just a wedding; it was a week of shared experiences, where families, close friends, and kindred spirits became one big family.

The magnificent villa welcomed everyone with open arms. The whole week will be unforgettable to everyone.  But for us, as their wedding planners, the highlight of this joyous week was the ceremony, held on the villa's top veranda with a sweeping view of Mykonos town. As Natalie gracefully walked down the aisle, embraced by loved ones, her path led her to Jordan. Their union was a blend of emotions, witnessed by those who meant the most.

The sentimentality continued with a warm embrace shared by everyone—a collective hug that sealed the significance of the moments lived and the connections celebrated.

A long white wooden table stood as a centerpiece for a heartfelt dinner. The decor was elegant, where delicate white and green flower arrangements harmonized with gold accents, creating a harmony that mirrored the couple's love story. Overhead, a ceiling adorned with lush greenery and hanging lights transformed the atmosphere, lending an enchanting touch to the celebration.

The cutting of the cake was a sweet beginning to their journey, followed by their first dance.  As the first notes of music filled the air, the dance floor welcomed everyone, and the evening evolved into a celebration of life and love.

This small, close-knit group of family and friends swayed to the rhythm of joy, cherishing every moment together.

Natalie and Jordan's wedding on Mykonos island was more than an event; it was a tapestry of shared laughter, heartfelt connections, and a dance of love that united them all. Their journey on Mykonos island became a treasure trove of memories, each one a gem sparkling in the collective heart of their newly extended family.