Georgina and Christopher

A magical wedding!

A destination wedding to Porto Cheli. One of the most beautiful areas of Greece. What comes to mind when I want to describe Porto Heli are words such as cosmopolitan, elegant and discreet luxury. The location gives you the opportunity to explore it and wonder around the mainland or sail to the small islands of Spetses and Hydra. Water taxis can take you to popular but also private beaches to enjoy the day and then to relax and taste the Greek delicacies at one of the small restaurants or have a cocktail by the sea during sunset.

At this very unique and charming area on the mainland of Greece, Georgina and Christopher decided to celebrate their wedding. The original date was the first summer of the pandemic. We had delays and hesitations but no one gave up on this wedding. We all had the same vision and dream and we followed it after two years. It appears that patience is one of the most important virtues of life and another is love. Love is patient. That was the motto of this wedding. And when the time came for all of our plans to become reality, then it was when we all realized what we shared throughout these years, how emotional we were and the bond that was created.

Georgina and Christopher wanted to share their happiness with all the guests that arrived from US mostly but also from all over the world. Their request was for them to enjoy and see as many things as possible during their stay at the area and entertain them from start to finish.

A cruise with a traditional boat to the beautiful beaches around Porto Heli was the beginning of the journey. Everyone sailed in the morning for a relaxing day on the boat with food and drinks and a great mood. The same day during sun set, families welcomed their guests for a cocktail at a lovely venue next to the sea. The cocktail became an unforgettable party, a very good lead for the next day celebration.

The wedding day! The day we all were waiting for.

The chapel on a hill surrounded by the sea was the place for the ceremony. A fuchia boukamvilia against the chapel’s wall attracts the attention. Few flower additions to enhance the natural beauty of the place, both families and all their friends around Georgina and Christopher was all that made the moment special.

The magnificent villa with a view to the big blue and the picturesque Porto Heli was the perfect venue for the reception and the party. The set - up of long and round tables as well as the alteration of the centerpieces was an interesting combination. Floral decoration of the tables and all the details was totally combined with the natural beauty of the gardens and the scenery was dreamy. Color pallet of the flowers was pale pink, light orange with touches of coral and orange and additions of greenery. They were matched nicely with the light gray linens and the gold details on the tables.

String lights hanging all over the place and around the trees enhanced the colors and created a unique atmosphere. In this secret garden the guests and the couple enjoyed the very carefully selected dinner. After the firework show and the cutting of the cake the party started with the live band that left not even one guest seated and the DJ continued the party almost until daylight.