Welcome to Greece's most famous cosmopolitan island, a whitewashed paradise in the heart of the Cyclades.
Set out on a journey to discover a fascinating world where glamour meets simplicity. On Mykonos celebrities, college students and families mingle together to celebrate the Greek summer.


A Magnificent Villa for a Luxury Wedding in Mykonos

Nestled at the northern tip of the enchanting Mykonos Island lies a hidden gem of unparalleled beauty - Agios Sostis area. This secluded haven boasts one of the most pristine and captivating beaches on the island, making it an idyllic destination for weddings in Greece and events in Mykonos. With its untouched natural allure and unspoiled charm, the location offers an exquisite backdrop that promises to turn your wedding in Mykonos, into an unforgettable memory. The magic of the area…

Saint John Villa - A magnificent venue for a wedding in Mykonos

Nestled in the captivating embrace of Mykonos Island, the Saint John area stands out as one of the most enchanting corners, offering a mesmerizing backdrop for unforgettable moments. This is where dreams come alive, and love stories unfold against the canvas of a spectacular sunset, with panoramic views extending to the mythical island of Delos. The allure of this location is heightened by its accessibility and proximity to the crystalline waters of a renowned beach. The journey to this idyllic…

A Luxury villa for your Mykonos wedding

Lia is located south east of Mykonos Town and it a very nice and relaxing area. The villa is located at a very central area of Lia, very close to the famous beach.