Porto Heli is THE cosmopolitan location of Peloponnese. This amazing area on the mainland of Greece has lovely beaches, luxurious atmosphere, magnificent villas, luxury resorts and marinas for sailing.

You can enjoy the clear water in one of the beautiful beaches and visit Spetses island which is only few minutes away. The small boat taxis can take you everywhere around Porto Heli and Spetses where you can enjoy the landscape, the food and the nightlife.


Villa Blue - Porto Cheli Greece

Porto Cheli, located on the mainland of Greece, is a cosmopolitan paradise that offers an unrivaled wedding destination experience. Known as the gem of the Peloponnese region, this breathtaking area boasts a harmonious blend of natural beauty, luxurious ambiance, and exclusive amenities. One of the standout features of Porto Cheli is its picturesque beaches, where you can bask in the sun and immerse yourself in the crystal-clear waters. The coastline is adorned with stunning stretches of sand, inviting you to…