Natalie & Jordan

We are so glad we chose Katerina and Mood Effects to help plan our wedding in Mykonos.

Katerina was recommended to us by chance via a couple we met on holiday who had recently used her.

At first, we did think we would do this ourselves knowing it was going to be a small intimate wedding but we are so glad that we decided to get Katerina on board.

It was the best investment of our wedding budget that we spent.

We would definitely recommend using a wedding planner if you plan to get married abroad. The knowledge and experience of using someone like Katerina really becomes apparent as you go through the process of deciding on the small details. The destination and venue was the easy part, Mykonos. The venue, A villa big enough for our wedding party of 20. It was all the planning of the legal bits along with all the smaller details that was when we really appreciated Katerina’s help. She truly is amazing. Just a message or a phone call and she would be on the case, reporting back with any options etc. A true professional who knows how much more difficult it can be for people wanting to have a wedding in a country they know nothing about.

We have already shared her details with friends and will continue to recommend her to anyone we come across that is in the same position we were.

Thank you again for all your amazing hard work to make our wedding day as special as it was.

We wish you all the best with Mood Effects and will happily speak to any potential clients who would like to get in touch to tell them how brilliant you are.

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