Christianna & Kostas

If you want perfection on your wedding day, Katerina is your girl!
She was our planner for our August 2011 wedding. My fiance talked me into looking for a planner so we didn’t have to any work on the day of our wedding. And oh my god! Was it a great decision!

She was thorough, professional and timely with her responses to questions and concerns (we live at the opposite side of Greece from Athens). She has amazing connections. I can tell her hard work is truly respected by her peers in the industry.

From day one she was by our side! Countless hours in search of the perfect suit and the perfect wedding dress! She even took care of the family and friends dresses, mailing them back and forth to opposite sides of the country! The flowers that I just had to have, were impossible to find during the hot Greek summer! Katerina worked her magic and took care of it all!

The wedding was wonderful. Even when I was a little nervous before the ceremony, she told me to take it all in and truly appreciate what was happening.

Katerina and her team did such an amazing job on the day so that I didn’t have a thing to worry about. Everything ran smoothly and there were no mishaps. Finding a planner who is just as detail-oriented as me and someone who could manage all my expectations with ease was a huge concern for me. She did it all! All in all, the event ran in a very relaxed atmosphere and she added some lovely touches, and little surprises that were completely unexpected but much-much appreciated!!! Her value for money is also amazing – she is one hard working woman!
I highly recommend using Katerina as your planner!

We’ve made a new friend! Thank you so much for making this the most special day in our lives!
A day to remember!