Jelena & Yiram

Twelve months ago my husband proposed to me. I always knew that if I got married, I would love a wedding on Mykonos, the island where I spent many summers during my youth and place I seem to fall in love with again and again every time I visit. Eleven months ago I sat in my living room in New York City trying to figure out how on earth I was going to pull this off – despite my military organizational skills, Skype only goes so far. And then I got the best present I could ever have hoped for – Katerina Vogli.

Katerina came into my life, and all of a sudden, it was as if I had a little magic fairy. I agree with the other reviews here that the best money spent was to hire her as our wedding planner. From day one, Katerina was a joy to work with – fun, energetic, full of great ideas, efficient, professional, detail-oriented, organized and generally on top of everything the entire time. She made it look so effortless as she worked incredibly hard to find us the perfect florist, DJ, cake caterer, wine, and of course finalise the details of the day. She was in charge of decoration and when I look at our wedding photos I sometimes think I dreamt the whole event, as it is impossibly beautiful. Photoshop stand back, Katerina is in charge! She has fantastic taste and when I saw the result of her work on the wedding day, I knew I would hold that image in my memory for the rest of my life.

Now, most wedding planners will do what they are hired to do, however Katerina went far above and beyond her duties. She helped so many friends with flights, ferry tickets, hotels, hair appointments; she looked after my and my husband’s family like they were her own; most importantly she looked after my husband and I better than our own mum’s did! I had the misfortune to get ill the week before my wedding and Katerina ran around Mykonos to find a doctor, to get me medicines and most importantly, she was there every day to tell me that I will get better and everything will be perfect, just as we planned it. And of course she was right.

Everything on our actual wedding day, and days leading up to it, went very smoothly. We were fortunate to have incredibly kind and passionate people take care of us, and yet again I have to give credit to Katerina. Her choice of all vendors was impeccable and everyone she works with is as professional as she is. I am not sure how they all do it, but while the service was fantastic, you never actually saw much of anyone – I am telling you, fairy type work.

Most importantly however, I picked up the phone eleven months ago to find a wedding planner, and walked away a few weeks ago having found a friend. Katerina, we will be eternally grateful for the gift that was YOU and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making every dream of ours come true. I am desperately trying to think of what other events I can organize in Greece just so I can hire you again!