Dana & Dimosthenis

The best money that we spent on our wedding was on hiring Katerina Vogli from Mood Effects as our wedding planner. We were living in Athens Greece, my husband is Greek and I am American. I was a bit nervous, because I had a very clear idea of how I wanted our wedding to be, from the flowers, to the music, to the general atmosphere and tone. I had been to several Greek weddings, and I knew that they were quite different from most American weddings.

Katerina was incredibly patient and sweet and made all of my wishes come true. Her wonderful florist gave me a beautiful flowing orchid bouquet, table tops covered with multiple types of orchids, and freesia, and honestly orchids, everywhere!! The firework company that Katerina hired for us is the best in Greece, they did the Olympics in 2004. People were surprised how long and professional the fireworks were.

Katerina honestly took such good care of us. We had weekly meetings with her & she became a good friend in the process. So many people have told me that wedding planning is such a stressful experience, but planning our wedding with Katerina was honestly so much fun.

Our wedding was on Mykonos Island and was a truly international affair, we had Americans, Canadians, Italians and of course Greeks. I was a little worried that everyone would enjoy themselves, but it was such an incredible success. Katerina’s DJ was wonderful, he played every song I requested of him, and at the time I requested it. We had lounge music during the sunset cocktail hour, motown & some Italian music during dinner, and a mix of international, American dance music & Greek music during the party.

It was the best day, actually weekend of my life, and I know that I probably would never have been able to pull this off myself. Even more importantly I didn’t have to worry about a thing the weekend of the wedding, because Katerina was handling everything, my husband and I were able to enjoy Mykonos with our friends and family, and that is how a wedding should be. If you are an American, or non Greek getting married in Greece, I highly recommend that you hire Katerina Vogli as your wedding planner, she will take wonderful care of you and make your wedding day just as perfect as you’d hoped it would be, and even better!